Solution Overviews

SAFF Overview

Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF) technology has successfully treated hundreds of millions of gallons of PFAS-contaminated water. See its capabilities and how it can perform effectively at your site.

PFAS Sensor Overview

Allonnia’s sensor detects PFAS with real-time, on-site testing accurate down to parts per trillion. See the benefits our sensor can bring to your site monitoring needs.

Treating Reverse Osmosis Reject Brine Water with SAFF

SAFF can pair with a site’s RO treatment process to naturally remove PFAS from the reject brine so clean water can be safely discharged.

1,4 D-Stroy Overview

Allonnia’s 1,4 D-Stroy is an in situ bioremediation solution for 1,4-dioxane contamination. Learn about 1,4 D-Stroy’s capabilities and value it can bring to your site’s remediation goals.

1,4 D-Stroy Presentation

“Novel Organism Deployed in Situ Bioremediation of 1,4-Dioxane in Groundwater” presented at 2024 Chlorinated Conference in Denver, Colorado.