Remove PFAS

Remove PFAS

Industry leading PFAS remediation with



(Surface Active Foam Fractionation)

Invented and manufactured by EPOC Enviro,
a leader in PFAS treatment technologies

Naturally elegant

Leveraging the power of nature in the form of rising air bubbles to rapidly separate and concentrate harmful PFAS contaminants ready for destruction

2023 Innovation by
Design Award
Fast Company
Excellence in
Innovation Awards
Waste 2023
Defence Innovator
of the Year
Australian Defence
Industry Awards
Australian Advanced
Manufacturing Award
Australian Technology Awards

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Since 2018, across three continents, SAFF technology has proven to remove a full spectrum of PFAS, long and short chain molecules, from complex in-feed chemistries to yield a destruction-ready hyper-concentrate.

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removal for ≥C6 and for most short chain PFAS chemistries


significantly lower operating cost


media waste generated (Outside PFAS waste disposal)


PFAS concentration factor up to 3.5 million times

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Clean Water Released


gallons Globally

The SAFF difference


SAFF technology has successfully treated tens of millions of gallons of PFAS contaminated water. It has been deployed in many applications including landfill leachates, groundwater and process water.

operating cost

SAFF technology provides the lowest operating cost of any PFAS treatment system available today. The plug and play design can be operating within a few hours once onsite. It simply requires a power lead and connection hoses to commence.


SAFF contributes zero harm to the environment by using no consumables, minimal energy and labor, and produces no waste other than PFAS hyper-concentrate. Paired with an appropriate destruction technology, create a closed loop operation with SAFF to treat all PFAS onsite.


SAFF’s containerized, weatherized design enables year-round operation with an installation that avoids permanent structures. 24/7 real-time worldwide monitoring ensures continual oversight and intervention as needed under the agreement.

Made in THE USA

SAFF is made in the USA. Our partner, EPOC Enviro, operates from a North Carolina manufacturing facility, producing SAFF containerized solutions for easy and fast supply to our North American customers.

Destruction Ready

SAFF can manage the presence of co-contaminants, even at high concentrations. It quickly achieves a highly enriched, low volume PFAS concentrate, without the use of adsorption media, enabling effective pairing with portable destruction technologies for onsite closed loop remediation.


Available in two different treatment rates

both supplied in a 40' container SAFF 20 and SAFF 40

Control Room

Automated control of the system to include optimization with the Allonnia booster. Allows for 24/7 remote telemetry requiring minimal on-site operator supervision.


Groundwater & surface water

SAFF technology can strip PFAS from groundwater at contaminated sites and efficiently remediate over a range of flow rates.




SAFF is capable of treating to the standards needed for drinking water applications.


SAFF can also treat complex landfill leachate waters as it’s not limited by high DOC, TOC, TSS, TDS or the presence of other organic and inorganic compounds. As a result, it requires minimal to no pre-treatment to effectively remove PFAS.


Industrial sites

SAFF can treat discharge from industrial manufacturing processes, reaching publicly operated treatment works (POTW) permit limits. The unit can easily pair with an existing water treatment system.

Remove Short Chain PFAS with PFAS Booster

Remove Short Chain PFAS with PFAS Booster

  • Remove short chain PFAS to regulatory requirements
  • Proven in groundwater and landfill leachate
  • Seamless pairing with SAFF’s onboard dosing system

Allonnia’s PFAS booster is a suite of products proven to enhance SAFF’s capabilities in removing short chain PFAS with only a low dosage. It pairs seamlessly with SAFF and is ready to use upon deployment – no additional hardware is required.

Global deployment on three continents