Series A Extension: Scaling Biology to Solve Urgent Environmental Challenges Across Mining, Plastics & Emerging Contaminants

“Author: Nicole Richards, CEO Our mission at Allonnia is to solve the world’s toughest environmental problems by leveraging our planet’s natural biodiversity and the power of biological engineering. Visionary solutions to these challenges that may once have seemed like moonshots— like mining sustainability, CO2 sequestration, plastics upcycling, and PFAS remediation — can be unlocked at the […]”

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Announcing 1,4 D-Stroy™: How Microbes Can Degrade 99% of 1,4-Dioxane Contamination

“The launch of our breakthrough bioremediation solution and pilot study results.”

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Why Allonnia, Why Now?

“Allonnia was founded on the belief that the answer to our waste and pollution challenges lies in nature.”

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