Allonnia is using synthetic biology to tackle major environmental challenges like PFASs, metals and plastic waste.
Allonnia, leads a team developing bio-based solutions to detect and clean up a range of toxins found in critical water sources.
Allonnia Announces Evok Innovations as Strategic Investor, Raises Additional $20M to Develop and Scale Transformational Waste Management Technologies.
A startup that uses synthetic biology to clean up pollution is taking on a $20 million funding round, Axios has learned.
Allonnia, a spin-off of the synthetic biology firm Ginkgo Bioworks, has launched with $40 million in investor backing to develop microbes capable of breaking tough chemical bonds to battle pollution and treat waste. This is Ginkgo's third spin-off, after agriculture microbe firm Joyn Bio and ingredient-focused Motif FoodWorks.
Nature has a remarkable ability to recycle. It can break apart complex organic materials into simpler compounds. Then nature will re-use those substances to build plants and animals.
A new venture backed by billionaire Bill Gates is trying to make sure that “forever chemicals” don't really last that long. Allonnia LLC, which launched Thursday with $40 million in Series A funding, is working to engineer microbes to get rid of pollutants in wastewater and soil. It's starting with PFAS, an insidious class of chemicals that are widespread in U.S. drinking water and have otherwise proved resistant to breaking down, earning them the “forever” moniker.
Allonnia Launches from Ginkgo Bioworks' Ferment Consortium with $40M Series A to Address Critical Problems in Waste Remediation with Synthetic Biology, Appoints Nicole Richards as CEO. Richards to bring nearly three decades of industry expertise to lead Allonnia in developing next-generation solutions. The new company will engineer enzymes and microbes to degrade environmental contaminants, starting with per- and poly-fluorinated compounds known as “forever chemicals”.