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Allonnia’s success depends on stellar people. People who have the will to deliver impressive results, share our values, and a desire to be a part of creating a transformative solution for a waste free, pollution free world.

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Our Purpose

Allonnia creates transformative solutions for a waste free, pollution free world through leveraging the power of biotechnology and engineering systems that degrade pollutants and upcycle waste.

We are looking for candidates who exhibit these core values


We are results oriented. We are sure to be working on the right things both as individuals and as a company. We believe being individually purposeful helps us move faster and achieve our collective goal but reaflects the deep cre and respect you have for your team, the business, and the planet.


Allonnia will design and deploy at-scale transformative innovations in water and wastewater treatment, soil redemption, and solid waste waste management and upcycling. By creating the next generation of enzymes, proteins, and microbes that degrade or metabolize contaminants of concern, we can recover and upcycle valuable materials from waste and augment existing biological treatment processes.


We believe transparency is built on a high trust environment and is the foundation for teams to do their best work, achieve together, and remain enthusiastic about work and life. Transparency requires being vulnerable and enables great collaboration with peers and customers.


Being candid means you can be YOU with customers, partners, and stakeholders. It means valuing the strengths of one another and accepting your own weaknesses. Candor fosters healthy debate and is best used with a humble, servant attitude.

Current Openings

We do not have any current openings, but we are growing so please check back!

If you think you could be a great fit, (regardless of role) - reach out today!

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